How we pick and support
our founders

When ideas matter and execution counts

We believe in Web3

A technological and cultural paradigm shift that will take the traditional internet to the next level

While the early days of crypto are marred by excessive hype, scams, and fraudulent behavior, blockchain technology holds enormous potential . By enabling greater efficiency, security, and transparency, it will accelerate innovation globally.

We trust and verify

We run a rigorous due diligence process and reference checks - we go deep but fast

We review approximately 2,000 deals per year and make on average two investments per month. When evaluating a deal, we are very curious to understand the key levers that will decide the fate of your startup and how your industry works. And we want to come to terms with how we can help reach your destination better and faster.

It's all about personalities

Having just a vision is no solution, everything depends on execution

The success of an idea can vary greatly among different teams, and it is crucial for founders to be complementary and self-aware. To help you better understand your team dynamics we offer to use a psychometric toolset to identify potential blind spots or hiring needs in the future in order to achieve success.

Tailwind for fundraising

The VC world, although huge, is a small place

We often share notes and discuss deal flow with other VCs. And when we see a deal that we like, we tell others about it and make an intro to the founder teams when there is still space in the round. And when the next funding round comes up (after a funding round is before a funding round!) we will compile a list of suitable VCs for you and make warm intros.

Add more superstars

Scaling your startup is all about finding equally great people

By partnering with the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, we have access to a global network of experienced web3 professionals who are eager to hear about job opportunities at quickly growing blockchain companies. Being funded by a group of reputable VCs increases your chances of hiring great people.

We speak the same language

Founders talking to Founders

Everyone at our company has been a founder at least once in their careers. We know that even in the greatest startups, there are problems every day. We want to be the trusted party which you can discuss the hard stuff with. As much as we, as everyone, like good news, it's when you need to talk about critical issues, that you recognize who really understands you.

Startups in the spotlight

Our marketing activities are focused on supporting our founders

As active members of the blockchain community, we regularly organize and participate in conferences, panel discussions, and podcasts. This allows us to provide opportunities for our founders to speak at these events and pitch their companies to investors and potential clients or business partners.

What our founders think about us

No founders were harmed in the making of this statement

"The expertise and guidance of BFC have been invaluable as we navigate the challenges of growing a start-up. They provide valuable introductions and resources that have helped us accelerate our growth and achieve our milestones. But what sets BFC apart is their genuine care for our team and our vision."

Toshendra Sharma

CEO & Co-Founder of NFTically