Davos 2023 Expert Panel on "Digital Asset and Stablecoins Regulations"

Jan 19, 2023


30 mins video


Joanne Po of CoinDesk discusses the "R" word with four experts in the regulatory space and why identity matters at the Web3 Investor Gathering in Davos 2023 at the Hotel Seehof.

In this expert panel, Joanne Po, Head of Multimedia Content & Executive Producer CoinDesk,  welcomes 

  • Nitin Gaur, Managing Director Digital Assets at State Street
  • Teana Baker-Taylor, Vice President of Policy and Regulatory Strategy (EU/UK) Circle
  • Sergej Kunz, Co-Founder of 1inch Network
  • Pierre Gérard, Co-Founder and CEO of Scorechain

to talk about digital asset and stablecoin regulations.

Find out

  • If more regulation would have prevented the big crypto collapses in 2022
  • Why rug-pulls are the big problem
  • Why it shouldn't just be AML but also ALM (Asset Liabilities Management)
  • What "real" regulation should look like
  • Why regulation can't replace proper investor due diligence
  • Why the US 1930ies regulatory framework should not be applied to defi
  • Why zero-knowledge-proofs haven't worked yet to reduce risk
  • If we need regulation on the protocol level
  • Why digital identity management will be crucial
  • And much more!


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