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The Mirror


Jared McCluskey, Micah Petersen, Alec Tremaine

Jared  had a rough start in the virtual world: when he was just a wee lad at 14, he spent hours modeling and coding an armor set in Second Life. He sold it for real US dollars, only to have it stolen a few weeks later by a hacker. 20 years later, he's building an all-in-one game development platform based on the open-source Godot engine that puts developers on steroids and protects their intellectual property with the power of blockchain.


Be the all-in-one game development platform


2021 / 2022




Founders Fund, Abstract VC, Konvoy Ventures, Florida Funders, Palm Tree Crew

Our Investment Focus

We focus on making early-stage investments in companies developing cutting-edge solutions using blockchain technology


Web3, Sustainability, Metaverse,
Gaming, AI/ML, Cybersecurity


Seed to
Pre-Series A


€ 100-500k


Mainly in Europe and the
United States

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"It’s very rare to come across a VC that is so consistent in their support to a point that they become an extension of your own team. This level of trust and relentless drive to deliver value beyond what is expected, but always at the right time and in the right dosage, is difficult to come by. This is the relationship we have with Blockchain Founders Capital."

Martin Stoev

CEO and Co-Founder of AdHash

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