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Alexander Franck, Michael Höweler

Biddz is a game-changing platform. By investing in their music, participating in their vibrant community, and gaining access to exclusive events and digital collectibles, fans can experience an unprecedented level of closeness to their beloved stars. Coming from Amazon Music, these two founders are reshaping the landscape of music engagement. (Why we invested?)


Allow artists and fans to control their own destiny






Venture Stars, IBB Ventures, Edel, Stefan Winners

Our investment focus

We focus on making early-stage investments in companies developing cutting-edge solutions using blockchain technology


Exceptional founders building on blockchain/Web3 technologies to create new products or make them 10x better


Pre-Seed, Seed


€ 300k (on average)


Europe, North America, Asia

What our founders think about us

No founders were harmed in the making of this statement

"These guys saw the vision for Gameboard clearly. They are able to cut through the noise and listen to the market, metrics and our team. They are very detailed and focused on providing real value to us founders. I am beyond thrilled to have them on our team!"

Shail Mehta

CEO and Co-Founder of Gameboard

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