Why we invested in KINO

Nov 13, 2023


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Where else would a team destined to shake up the movie industry set up their HQ? 

Hollywood, naturally! 

To be precise, in Culver City, “The Heart of Screenland”, only seven miles from that sign in the hills.

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Head-over-heels for the creator economy

This is our third investment in the creator economy. Talentir was about YouTube videos, Biddz about music and concerts, and now KINO is weaving the very fabric dreams are made of.

Big changes are brewing in La La Land (not just because of the 148-day strike of the Writers Guild of America), and blockchain technology is working its magic behind the scenes, quietly revolutionizing how movies are made, funded, and launched into stardom.

A match made in heaven

Daril Fannin and Austin Worrell, the dynamic duo behind this venture, each had their unique path to this dream world.

Daril grew up in a rather conservative household, where movies were the apples he couldn't bite. But you know what they say about forbidden fruit – it's irresistible!

Once he got a taste of cinema, he was hooked.

However, he first mastered the art of discipline in the US Army until he swapped his boots for a pen and studied screenwriting.

Climbing the Hollywood ladder, he's eventually worked with A-talents and sold scripts to studios including Netflix and Disney.

Austin's tale?

He wanted to be an actor when he was a kid but his parents’ family business was struggling, and he decided to become a lawyer to be able to support them should it ever become necessary.

By some stroke of cinematic destiny, Daril and Austin's paths collided. We guess it was like that moment in a movie when the heroes realize they were meant to team up.

Their mission? To tackle a Hollywood-sized problem head-on.

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It’s not all glitter and red carpets

Producing a movie or TV series is pretty much like launching a startup from your garage, but with more dramatic lighting.

It begins with a lightbulb moment – an idea that morphs into a grand plan, much like a founder scribbling on a napkin in a coffee shop.

Then comes the assembling of the Avengers – directors, producers, actors – each bringing their own superhero skill to the table.

It’s a marathon from fundraising (never easy), pre-production (where the magic starts), production (the main event), post-production (all the little things that matter a lot), and finally, marketing (convincing everyone your movie is the next big thing).

Everything must be carefully planned, with millions spent before the release and development cycles that can last several years.

Sure, technology's been a game-changer in the entertainment space, but most of it is used to make special effects.

However, the two biggest issues of movie production have stayed the same.

Financing your dream

In the movie business, the marketing magic usually doesn't start until a film is just about ready to hit theaters or stream into our living rooms.

Unless, of course, it's one of those mega-budget franchise behemoths that starts hyping up the crowd when the script is barely written.

For most films, by the time the world hears about them, there's already a mountain of cash and dreams invested, with fingers crossed that audiences will actually like it.

Without early buzz or a band of eager fans, negotiating deals can feel like arm-wrestling with a superhero – tough and often leading to not-so-super deals for producers and investors.

The industry is like an exclusive club where the major studios hold the keys to the treasure chest. They set the rules of the game.

For aspiring Spielbergs and up-and-coming studios, getting a bank loan or attempting alternative funding is almost impossible.

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Creating buzz

Enter KINO. Not just a platform; it's like a backstage pass to the movie world, turbocharging fan engagement.

Imagine being able to peek behind the curtain and hobnob with the cast and crew while the film's still in the making. It's like being part of a secret club where the password is “action!”

Fancy yourself a bit of a movie mogul?

With KINO, wave your directorial wand and invest in films you believe could be the next box office sensation.

Think you've spotted the next “Star Wars”? Put your money where your popcorn is!

And for those who love a bit of memorabilia – that murder weapon in the nail-biting courtroom drama?

It's not just a prop. It's a collectible waiting to be taken home.

“Remember that epic movie? I own the murder weapon!” Now that's a conversation starter.

Fancy rubbing shoulders with movie stars?

KINO's got you covered. Red-carpet events, exclusive after-parties – it's your ticket to hobnobbing with the who's who of Tinseltown.

It's not just about making movies; it's about building a buzz, a following, a fanfare, all before the big studio bosses even get a whiff of it.

It’s a kind of magic

KINO is all about crowd power, turning fans into financiers and tastemakers.

It's like setting up a direct hotline between movie makers and their super fans - think Patreon and Kickstarter had a movie-baby!

The 2023 film and TV market is estimated at $250 billion, with independent productions accounting for $144 billion of this share. And with streaming markets going into overdrive, this market is expected to double in less than a decade.

And this team? They're like the Avengers of the film world.

So, grab your 3D glasses and a bucket of popcorn.

At KINO, it's always 'Lights, Camera, Action!'

Visit kino.studio to learn more.

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