Why we invested in Trever

Jul 2, 2024


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Just as the rise of e-commerce, propelled by internet technology, was highly predictable, the financial system will primarily be based on blockchain technology within the next decade or two.

This shift will enable new forms of trading, investing, and exchange, rendering the use of proprietary company databases to track units of value obsolete.

Initially slow, this transformation will eventually become the new normal.

The Company and Founders

Trever, established in 2019 in Graz, Austria, provides financial institutions with software for managing digital assets

The system covers trading, treasury management, and bookkeeping through comprehensive integrations.

Founded by Hans-Jürgen Griesbacher and Benjamin Rath, Trever's platform addresses the challenges traditional banking providers face when adapting to the rapidly evolving world of digital assets.

The Problem

Today, most financial institutions cannot offer digital assets because of their legacy systems.

Current systems lack essential functionality, have insufficient connectivity for integration, or do not guarantee 24/7 availability. 

This is where Trever’s Digital Asset Operating System comes in.

The Solution

Trever provides a compatible infrastructure that enables trading, transfer, and bookkeeping of digital assets

Their solution can be fully integrated through standardized API interfaces, ensuring seamless integration with legacy systems. 

Due to the numerous connected venues, the system is agnostic and independent

This allows banks to freely choose their trading venues and trusted partners and thus remain independent.

Liquidity management and best execution functionality create advantages in risk management and allow competitive pricing across all trading centers.

Proof of Concept and Achievements

Numerous leading European financial institutions, such as V-Bank, Futurum Bank, and Bankhaus Scheich, have relied on Trever’s robust, intuitive, and compliant software for years. 

These collaborations highlight the platform's effectiveness and ability to meet the finance industry's needs.

Market Potential and Future Outlook

The digital asset market is experiencing substantial growth, increasing market capitalization and transaction volumes. 

Events like Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF approvals and partnerships between major banks and cryptocurrency platforms emphasize the mainstream adoption of digital assets. 

The demand for solutions like Trever's will only grow in this evolving financial landscape.

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We are excited to co-invest with TX Ventures, Market One Capital, and Alex von Frankenberg and to help Trever reach their vision.

Trever's innovative platform and experienced team position them as a key player in integrating digital assets into traditional finance, ensuring a smooth transition for financial institutions worldwide.

Visit trever.io to learn more.

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