Why we invested in biddz

Jun 7, 2023


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When the former head of Amazon Music approached us with a business idea in the music industry along with his partner, who also had extensive experience at Amazon Music, we checked the box "founders have domain know-how".

And when the team showed us that they had already generated over half a million Euros in revenues with a product that is technically still a work-in-progress, we checked the next box, "initial product market fit indication".

And when the very early investors during the pre-seed round were not only thoroughly enjoyable to work with but also had a most impressive track record in picking winners in early-stage companies, we checked even more boxes.

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We had met Michael Höweler and Alexander Franck already a year earlier but back then we were in the midst of raising our own fund.

But when the two founders came back in the spring of 2023, things moved very quickly.

Here is a name to remember: "Biddz". We believe it will become synonymous with music ownership. You heard it here first!

In essence, Biddz aims to revolutionize the connection between fans and artists while empowering creative independence.

Biddz is a game-changing platform that brings fans closer to their favorite artists like never before.

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Their innovative solution allows fans to connect, support, and engage with their cherished musicians in exciting new ways. 

By investing in their music, participating in their vibrant community, and gaining access to exclusive events and digital collectibles, fans can experience unprecedented closeness to their cherished stars.

With Biddz, the boundaries between artists and fans dissolve, opening up a world of possibilities for both parties. 

With Biddz, fans are no longer passive observers but active participants in the artistic journey.

The platform fosters a genuine connection between artists and their supporters, allowing fans to invest directly in the music they love and become integral parts of the artists' success stories.

We understand the importance of artistic freedom.

Through Biddz, artists gain the autonomy to explore their creativity and fully express their vision.

By removing intermediaries and enabling direct fan engagement, they empower artists to take control of their careers and forge meaningful connections with their audience.

As Biddz users, fans gain access to an array of unique experiences.

From intimate concerts to virtual meet-ups, the platform offers exclusive events that allow fans to engage with artists in extraordinary ways.

Additionally, digital collectibles provide fans with coveted memorabilia and limited-edition items, adding a new dimension to their connection with the artists they adore.

What's not to like? 

Disrupting an industry and propelling it further into the future is never an easy task, but when faced with challenges, Micha and Alex will no doubt rise to the occasion.

We are delighted to embark on this journey with Micha and Alex alongside our fantastic co-investors Martin Junker from Venture Stars, Robert Kusche from IBB Ventures, Edel (one of Europe’s leading independent music companies), and Stefan Winners, the renowned angel investor and former CEO of Burda Digital.

Visit biddz.io to learn more.

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