Why we invested in The Mirror

Dec 14, 2022


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Jared McCluskey had a rough start in the virtual world.

When he was just a wee lad at the age of 14, he spent hours modeling and coding his magnum opus, an armor set in Second Life. It became so popular that he sold it for real US dollars, only to have it stolen a few weeks later by a hacker and used without any sense of decency.

But now, 20 years later, he's getting his revenge.

He's built an all-in-one game development platform based on the open-source Godot engine that not only puts developers on steroids but also protects their intellectual property with the power of blockchain technology.

Talk about sweet, sweet revenge!

We admire the founders who have been driven by their passion for years and have expertly navigated a competitive market to bring their vision to life.

Jared and his co-founders Micah Petersen and Alec Tremaine envision The Mirror to become for game development what Youtube has become for entertainment, a collaborative tool kit where game developers and content creators can build games with little- to no coding skills and few resources and in real-time with others.

The platform is built as a service layer on top of Godot's open-source gaming engine, comparable to Red Hat building on Linux. There are two other major game engines, Unreal and Unity, but they are proprietary and require a license.

An analogy can be made of game engines being like operating systems. The operating system has all the technical ingredients but requires an ecosystem to make it valuable. This is what The Mirror brings to Godot.

As such, it drastically improves the usability of the performant game engine and adds many essential features for full-stack game development.

We are betting that the growth potential of the creator economy in gaming is comparable to the emergence of the influencer industry in entertainment, enabled by platforms like Youtube and Twitch. We believe that The Mirror has the right setup, team, and timing to become for gaming what YouTube has become for entertainment.

We couldn't be more excited to join Founders Fund, Abstract VC, Konvoy Ventures, Florida Funders, and Palm Tree Crew in the backing of this outstanding team.


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