Davos 2023 Expert Panel on "What to expect of Web3 Venture Capital Investing in 2023?"

Jan 19, 2023


35 mins video

We were delighted to have four top Web3 venture capital investors from all corners of the earth get together and talk about what the future holds at the Web3 Investor Gathering in Davos 2023 at the Hotel Seehof.

In this expert panel, Wolfgang Männel welcomes 

  • Yat Siu, Executive Chairman and Managing Partner of Animoca Brands
  • Pranav Sharma, General Partner of Woodstock Fund
  • Patrick Van de Mosselaer, Managing Director of Tioga Capital Partners
  • Olaf Hannemann, Co-Founder and CIO of CV VC

to talk about their expectations for 2023 with regards to Web3 investing.

Find out

  • What is so special about the way how Animoca Brands makes investments
  • Why 2022 is just a crypto winter and not a crypto ice age like in 2018
  • Why regulation is so important for the credibility of the Web3 industry
  • Why the consensus at the government level in India is that blockchain is inevitable
  • Why India will be the space for blockchain development in the future with many young people, excellent education and availability of capital
  • Why being anti-cyclical is a Swiss specialty when great returns matter
  • How Yat Siu's team makes funding decisions and why creating an ecosystem is so vital with philosophically aligned founders
  • Why China will be big in NFTs and why Hong Kong is a financial intermediary to the world for China
  • Why counterparty risks still need to be watched closely in 2023
  • Why the bumpy environment is great for founders and venture capital investors
  • And much more!


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