ETHDenver 2024 Panel on "Investment Trends at the Intersection of Web3 and Sustainability"

Feb 28, 2024


42 mins

In this panel Caroline Klatt, Co-Founder & COO of Flowcarbon welcomes

  • Joshua Field, Managing Partner of Cotango
  • Maex Ament, Co-Founder Centrifuge
  • Ben Horvath, Partner at Blockchain Founders Capital

to talk about

  • insights into different investment strategies, including investments in blockchain, AI, tokenization of real-world assets, and early-stage Web3 startups with a sustainability angle
  • the critical role of founder qualities such as resilience, intellectual honesty, and the ability to build community and market their project effectively
  • the growing momentum around Web3 technologies and their intersection with sustainability efforts, including the potential for blockchain to support environmental initiatives and the importance of integrating carbon credits on blockchain
  • the environmental concerns associated with crypto, particularly Bitcoin, and the ongoing shift towards using renewable energy sources in mining operations
  • the benefits and hurdles of tokenizing carbon credits and real-world assets for greater transparency, liquidity, and access to DeFi markets, along with the need for more institutional investment to drive this trend forward


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