Fireside Chat with Anthony Scaramucci at the Davos 2024 Web3 Investor Gathering

Jan 16, 2024


21 mins

It was great to have Anthony Scaramucci, Founder of SkyBridge Capital, back on stage for our Web3 Investor Gathering at the Hotel Seehof in Davos 2024.

In the fireside chat, Gaurav Dubey and Anthony talk about

  • why the natural property rights of Bitcoin are sacrosanct in the United States
  • why people who really understand Bitcoin will always support the idea
  • why Larry Fink is a phenomenal leader
  • why Jamie Dimon completely understands this space but still appears against it
  • why the ETF approval constitutes a seismic change in regulation
  • why he never had as much fun in his life as in these times


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