Davos 2024 Expert Panel on the "Intersection of AI & Blockchain"

Jan 16, 2024


27 mins

In this expert panel, Scott Cunningham welcomes

  • Sandy Carter, CEO of Unstoppable Domains
  • Vijay Pravin, Founder & CEO of bitsCrunch
  • Paul Meeusen, Vice President Finance at DFINITY
  • Tom Duff Gordon, Vice President International Policy of Coinbase

to talk about the Intersection of AI & Blockchain.

Find out

  • how to deal with the bots and the fake accounts generated by AI
  • why blockchains are so important as oracles
  • why the regulators are not yet connecting the dots between AI and Blockchain
  • why blockchain is the bank of choice for AI
  • why identification must become so much better than the current paper-based systems
  • why AI scales content and blockchains scales trust


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