Davos 2024 Expert Panel on "Venture Capital beyond 2024"

Jan 16, 2024


25 mins

In this expert panel, Ben welcomes

  • Ashok Ranadive, Advisor to Agna
  • Vineet Budki, CEO of Cypher Capital
  • Feyo Sickinghe, Head of Digital Assets at Target Global
  • Hoon Kim, Founder and CEO of Team STEP

to talk about the investor and startup landscape in crypto.

Find out

  • why cycles will keep on coming but the use case of Bitcoin and stablecoins will remain
  • why great teams will always beat "great" business ideas
  • why the feedback loop between founders and investors is crucial
  • where the difference between a crypto hedge fund and a crypto VC lies
  • how to choose a good investor
  • what the difference between token and equity investment is really like


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