Why we invested in OpenQ

Jun 17, 2024


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In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, industries such as blockchain, AI, cloud computing, and many others strive for developer attention.

Engaging developers is essential for keeping these sectors relevant through their protocols, infrastructures, and tools.

Developers, developers, developers

As each sector works to innovate and lead, capturing the interest and dedication of developers becomes paramount. 

A thriving developer community directly influences the pace of technological advancement, the adoption of new solutions, and the overall success of a platform. 

In this competitive arena, attracting and maintaining developer attention is not just a goal but a necessity for sustaining growth and achieving industry leadership.

However, the vast data is dispersed across various platforms, making it difficult to comprehensively map and understand developer engagement. 

A dream come true for dev rels

OpenQ addresses this challenge head-on by providing a sophisticated Developer Relationship Management (DRM) platform that transforms how companies interact with and understand their developer communities.

Such is the brainchild of Riccardo Lamanna, based in Berlin, and his co-founder, Andrew O’Brien, who lives in Austin, Texas.

Rick has been in software development for thirteen years and has advised the German Stock Exchange in protocol development.

Andrew gained experience as a distributed systems engineer working for Wolfram Alpha and championed key projects at Ford and Integral.

Throughout their careers, both have also taken on roles as developer advocates, working to enhance the usability and effectiveness of development tools and protocols while promoting the adoption of their preferred tools.

They met at a hackathon four years ago and have collaborated since, sharing their coding, blockchain, and Web3 passions.

While their initial goal was to build incentives around developer tools and open source to drive forward adoption with developer bounties, they soon recognized how challenging it is for most dev tooling companies to truly measure the impact of their efforts to grow their communities. 

Made by insiders

Drawing from their experience in understanding developer community needs, they saw the necessity of addressing how dev tooling companies waste millions of dollars to attract developer interest in their infrastructure without properly calculating a return on investment. 

This insight led to the creation of a groundbreaking tool designed to revolutionize how companies establish KPIs around developer attention, fundamentally transforming the developer relations space.

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OpenQ’s platform stands out by leveraging AI-driven lead discovery and data enrichment to provide actionable insights beyond basic metrics. 

This enables businesses to track, measure, and prove the return on investment (ROI) from open-source contributions to event engagements. 

By synthesizing data from multiple sources, including GitHub and Discord, OpenQ enriches developer profiles, helping companies identify key influencers and potential leads within their developer ecosystems.

One of OpenQ's most compelling aspects is its ability to connect the most critical events and detect churn and inactivity before it’s too late

This proactive approach allows companies to maintain a healthy and engaged developer community, which is crucial for long-term success in the tech industry. 

OpenQ helps retain valuable developers and uncovers previously untapped developer profiles, expanding a company's reach to the ideal audience.

Companies can make informed decisions based on the latest market trends and developer activities.

Supporting a great founder team

Their innovative approach drove our decision to invest in OpenQ to solving a pervasive problem in the tech industry. 

OpenQ's potential to greatly improve developer relations and provide unparalleled insights into developer activities aligns perfectly with our vision of supporting transformative technologies. 

We are excited to partner with Rick and Andrew and look forward to seeing how their platform will shape the future of developer relationship management. 

OpenQ is already generating revenue and has a pipeline of prominent customers from both the Web3 and Web2 worlds.

We are co-investing with, among others, Speedinvest and Kraken Ventures.

For more information about OpenQ and its groundbreaking DRM platform, visit OpenQ's website.

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