Why we invested in Talentir

Apr 20, 2023


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Some ideas seem crazy and outlandish until they suddenly aren't.

Before Airbnb, would you have let a stranger stay in your home? Or ride with a non-professional driver before Uber? How about giving up music ownership before Spotify?

YouTube, initially envisioned as a video-based dating website, pivoted to a general video-sharing platform when its original concept failed to gain traction. Since then, it has played a central role in the rise of influencers and content creators, providing a platform for individuals to showcase their passions, creativity, and expertise to a global audience. 

As YouTube's popularity soared, more content creators emerged, and some gained substantial followings, becoming influencers.

YouTube allows content creators to earn revenue from ads displayed alongside their videos.

This industry has grown exponentially: In 2022, YouTube generated nearly $30 billion in advertising revenue, and over three million videos have garnered over a million views each.

Talentir aims to unlock investment opportunities in digital content worldwide, focusing first on the music video segment on YouTube. With over 40 million channels and 2 billion monthly active users, the market potential is vast.

Talentir is the first platform to turn YouTube Videos into tradable assets.

Videos generate revenue when streamed, and Talentir allows artists to monetize their videos by selling a portion of their YouTube revenue share upfront to fans and investors. 

This model applies to legacy videos with stable cash flows and new video projects as pre-financing deals.

Content creators can partially or wholly sell future revenues to fans or investors, while fans can financially grow alongside their favorite artists. 

This model is particularly appealing for artists without label contracts, enabling direct contact with their most dedicated fan base—an issue that even major labels have yet to resolve.

Currently, platforms like Patreon allow fans to support artists through donations, but they receive minimal returns. 

Talentir offers fans a way to back artists while presenting an investment opportunity. 

By purchasing a share of a YouTube video's revenue stream, fans can support the artist and potentially earn good returns on their investment, making the value proposition much more attractive.

We believe tokenization will be a game-changer for the creator economy, simplifying income flow and rights management with transparency.

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The founders, Lukas Sticksel-Steiner, Johannes Kares and their colleagues, form an experienced, driven team with diverse skill sets in tech, marketing, and sales, and have a successful track record in the music and entertainment business.

We are co-investing alongside Bitpanda CEO Eric Demuth and Storebox.

Visit talentir.com to learn more.

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